Expert Author Alan J Low

Where do I begin?

I was fairly lucky to be brought up as the computer generation was just starting out. I remember my first year in senior school when they had brought in computers for the first time - the Sinclair zx80 and BBC computers.

My parents bought me a commodore Vic 20 when we moved across the country because my father had got himself a new job, which progressed to a commodore 64 - commodore amiga and then eventually on to Pc's and laptops as I grew up and started to earn money.

So, I learned how to program in basic and then went forward from there, so as the years went on, it was something I was interested in and so writing eventually in HTML came easy.

What people who are not totally computer literate do not realise, is that you no longer have to have a background in computer programming, as people are making it easier and easier to make websites with things like WordPress (which is free) and even optimize press which is a $97 add on and gives you even more plug and play usability.

It has got to the stage so that you should no longer worry about getting started online. So put the 'technical' side to the back of your mind and get down to what you want to do online.

A great piece of advice that I was given is this... "Focus your attention and creativity on something that you are passionate about. Not to worry about making money first, that will come. Just focus your thoughts day and night on something that you are passionate about and it will happen." The thing is everyone; absolutely everyone has an idea inside of them. Most people just don't act on instinct.

Building and growing an infrastructure isn't easy, otherwise everyone would do it. However, for those brave enough to break out of the mould or desire to free themselves of the constraints that the monthly pay packet brings... then the world is your oyster.

When you have your big idea, put it down on paper, make plans - no matter how computer literate you are (or are not) getting your first presence on the web is getting easier and easier, so even the most technophobic out there can do it.

As soon as you have your first up and published on the web, no matter how good or bad you think it looks, remember you have achieved your first step towards internet stardom!!



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