Expert Author Jan-Marc Swinkels

Right, fellow internet-entrepreneurs who dare to take risks: Don't necessarily follow the paved path and do have a creative out of the box mindset, to penetrate profitable niches. My opinion is that, to be successful is partly luck BUT there are some necessary ingredients;

a)Having a creative mindset:

Keep in mind that you will have to promote this niche that you pick. You will have to put effort in this business, so you have to generate energy from within to motivate this. If you don't have any connection with your niche, you won't stick long and as a result of that you won't make profit. So don't even start that route guys and girls.

Instead, start looking in your own environment: what makes your heart tick, what products have you bought recently, what products would you like to have which you cannot pay for now but you will be able to do so once cash is flowing from your website. And when you are motivated, that will happen:) What are your hobbies what is your passion. If it is not a product and for instance you are into helping or coaching people and that makes your energy flowing, then that is your starting point!! It is just as in real life, believe me I have been there and done that.

You can also focus on practicall stuff you need in life. One great example of a top internet marketer; she has 6 children and was short in time and stuff. So she entered the baby strollers market and became very very succesfull with this.Once you have chosen your niche you will be amazed on how much products and services you can choose from to promote on the web.

b)Finding and choosing products and products to cross-sell

So you made a decision on a profitable niche which is fun to promote. Now before you start searching the affiliate webshops on products available check if your niche has an opportunity for selling related products.

For instance the women selling the baby strollers. There are tons of other products on the net which you can promote in this niche: baby products is a very big and profitable niche. Give it a brainstorm and see how your business can easily grow.

c)Check popularity of your niche:

Now go to affiliate webshops (for instance Amazone or Clickbank )and do some research.

1)If you type in your product in the searchbar you will get some indicators on popularity: did people leave comments or revieuws on this product.

2)how many searchresults does the product have

3)is there a sale on the product, are related products shown

4)most webshops rank their products on popularity (first shown is the most popular)

Then check the fora on your product on the net

1)How many members does the forum have ( compare fora in the same niche)

Check how many posts, post subjects AND the datum people posted. Only when there are recent posts you will have a good forum and a good niche.

OK guys and girls that also see the web as a genuine business opportunity: following these tips will provide you with a good foundation for your affiliate business.

I can genuinly say I have been there and done that

Good luck to you all!



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