Expert Author Katlyn Renner

However, there are some kinds of debt that, while they may not necessarily be good, they are acceptable. For instance, the debt you have on your car that you pay off each month, or the money you owe on your house that is always set aside and paid on time. That is not bad debt.

But when you find yourself in the red because you took one too many vacations, or went with that sleek, new convertible instead of the older, but perfectly functional car next to it, you are creating bad debt. One of these debts is bad enough to have, but especially when you have a number of these frivolous expenditures, your financial circumstances can become dicey, really quick.

Debts take lots of time and hard work to pay off. Constantly having to readjust your budget and make sure you do not happen to fall behind on any of your bills takes its toll. Debt is a great big headache. In fact some people actually get depression from the amount of debt they create. Others have even committed suicide.

So it comes as no surprise that debt could lead to the end of a relationship. It makes perfect sense. But not all people are eager to admit it.

One credit monitoring service, MyCallcredit discovered that the Britons it included in its survey were becoming increasingly comfortable with having a large amount of debt.
MyCallcredit found that most people are open with their partner in terms of their finances. Data also suggested that people are honest with their finances. Of those surveyed:

1. Two thirds claimed to tell their partner everything
2. One in seven kept their finances under wraps completely
3. Only ten admitted to lying to their partners about their finances

But this survey was conducted back in Britain back in 2006. That was years away from the current economic climate that is uncertain at best. How do people involved in relationships feel about debt now?

A problem that is becoming prevalent, now, is that couples are not willing to talk about their finances. Even after they have tied the knot, some wedded people won't discuss their finance. It sounds absolutely crazy, but some husbands refuse to share accounts with their wives, or vice versa.

Of course, who knows how many people have gotten a divorce because their spouse spent all of their savings and then some. While most people don't like to admit that money plays a significant role in their lives, it does.

You need money to buy the things you need to live. And when someone discovers that their spouse has fallen off of the financial responsibility wagon, they can have a hard time forgiving them. Not only will the couple be in a jeopardized economic position, but their relationship of trust will be compromised as a result, as well.

While some couples can probably deal with debt just fine, the vast majority of people find debt to be a perfectly sane reason to split from their partner.


Expert Author Alan J Low

Where do I begin?

I was fairly lucky to be brought up as the computer generation was just starting out. I remember my first year in senior school when they had brought in computers for the first time - the Sinclair zx80 and BBC computers.

My parents bought me a commodore Vic 20 when we moved across the country because my father had got himself a new job, which progressed to a commodore 64 - commodore amiga and then eventually on to Pc's and laptops as I grew up and started to earn money.

So, I learned how to program in basic and then went forward from there, so as the years went on, it was something I was interested in and so writing eventually in HTML came easy.

What people who are not totally computer literate do not realise, is that you no longer have to have a background in computer programming, as people are making it easier and easier to make websites with things like WordPress (which is free) and even optimize press which is a $97 add on and gives you even more plug and play usability.

It has got to the stage so that you should no longer worry about getting started online. So put the 'technical' side to the back of your mind and get down to what you want to do online.

A great piece of advice that I was given is this... "Focus your attention and creativity on something that you are passionate about. Not to worry about making money first, that will come. Just focus your thoughts day and night on something that you are passionate about and it will happen." The thing is everyone; absolutely everyone has an idea inside of them. Most people just don't act on instinct.

Building and growing an infrastructure isn't easy, otherwise everyone would do it. However, for those brave enough to break out of the mould or desire to free themselves of the constraints that the monthly pay packet brings... then the world is your oyster.

When you have your big idea, put it down on paper, make plans - no matter how computer literate you are (or are not) getting your first presence on the web is getting easier and easier, so even the most technophobic out there can do it.

As soon as you have your first up and published on the web, no matter how good or bad you think it looks, remember you have achieved your first step towards internet stardom!!


Expert Author Cynthia De La Torre

What is critical thinking? There are many different definitions on what critical thinking is; thus, to sum it up in the broadest form, it is a learned skill in which the critical thinker is able to dissect, conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and use that information to solve a problem, find an answer, or come to a conclusion. Critical thinkers, not only use the information presented to them, but they also use past acquired knowledge or experiences and they are able to skillfully "read between the lines".

Why it helps - You will find that most of the kids that are in honors classes, AP classes, or other advanced placement classes, are typically children who have their critical thinking skills refined. These kids typically are able to look at things in more than just one way and they are able to dissect information more critically. Most of these children receive high grades and perform very well on exams. Although these individuals were born with many of their intellectual abilities, a lot of their skills were also learned and perfected. Therefore, any child can improve her or his critical thinking skills and improve their understanding of the information presented to them in and out of school.

Activities to do to help your child - During the long summer break, don't just let your children spend all their time watching TV or playing video games, assign them work. Assign your children work that will help develop their critical thinking skills. The following are just a few examples.

1. Read and analyze a book together - Have your children read a book, that is appropriate for their age and reading level, then have them write a book review in which they state what they liked or disliked about the book and why. The "why" is the most important aspect, because it causes your children to think more critically about their views and why they formed such views. You should have read the book as well. Make sure to discuss different elements the author used to get their point across - i.e. analyze the information presented and the different techniques used by the author like symbols, metaphors, foreshadowing, mood, etc.

2. Assign your children an argumentative research paper, but with a twist - Have your children pick a semi-controversial topic (you might want to pick the topic for them), then have your children write, as objectively as possible, why they are for it, then have them write another paper arguing why they are against it. Once your children are done writing both papers, have them reveal to you what they learned while writing them. Then work together to improve both of their papers - provide constructive criticism, while acknowledging the positives as well.

a. Make sure to remind your children that there are different ways of looking at things and that they should learn to take in information with a critical eye and not to allow emotions to dictate their views.

b. Objectivity is essential in becoming a critical thinker; emotions can oftentimes hinder us from thinking objectively.

c. The best argumentative papers are those in which the writer is able to predict what the opposing side will argue, in order to make their point, and is thus able to take on those arguments head on.

3. Analyze a work of art - Have your children analyze an important piece of art. Ask your children questions about the piece that will allow them to think critically and to view art in a new way. What is the point of view? Was the painting effective in presenting the desired point of view? Why or why not? Make sure to read the caption that goes along with the art piece or any other relevant information in order to gain a better understanding of the artist and their work. Keep in mind that art is very subjective; the main idea is to get your child to try to interpret an image in a critical and new way.

4. Analyze the source - Read a research article with your children. As you read it have your children analyze what the writer's argument is - is the writer trying to convince you of something? Make sure to take note of the sources provided by the author, taking into account if they are reliable or not and why that is. Also be sure to point out flaws or contradictions found in the article. Is the article mostly opinion based or does the writer provide enough factual and objective information to prove her of his argument? Help your children critically and objectively analyze the information presented; let them know your thought process as you work through analyzing the paper. Be sure to point out any obvious biases or opinions that diminish the credibility of the article.


Expert Author Jan-Marc Swinkels

Right, fellow internet-entrepreneurs who dare to take risks: Don't necessarily follow the paved path and do have a creative out of the box mindset, to penetrate profitable niches. My opinion is that, to be successful is partly luck BUT there are some necessary ingredients;

a)Having a creative mindset:

Keep in mind that you will have to promote this niche that you pick. You will have to put effort in this business, so you have to generate energy from within to motivate this. If you don't have any connection with your niche, you won't stick long and as a result of that you won't make profit. So don't even start that route guys and girls.

Instead, start looking in your own environment: what makes your heart tick, what products have you bought recently, what products would you like to have which you cannot pay for now but you will be able to do so once cash is flowing from your website. And when you are motivated, that will happen:) What are your hobbies what is your passion. If it is not a product and for instance you are into helping or coaching people and that makes your energy flowing, then that is your starting point!! It is just as in real life, believe me I have been there and done that.

You can also focus on practicall stuff you need in life. One great example of a top internet marketer; she has 6 children and was short in time and stuff. So she entered the baby strollers market and became very very succesfull with this.Once you have chosen your niche you will be amazed on how much products and services you can choose from to promote on the web.

b)Finding and choosing products and products to cross-sell

So you made a decision on a profitable niche which is fun to promote. Now before you start searching the affiliate webshops on products available check if your niche has an opportunity for selling related products.

For instance the women selling the baby strollers. There are tons of other products on the net which you can promote in this niche: baby products is a very big and profitable niche. Give it a brainstorm and see how your business can easily grow.

c)Check popularity of your niche:

Now go to affiliate webshops (for instance Amazone or Clickbank )and do some research.

1)If you type in your product in the searchbar you will get some indicators on popularity: did people leave comments or revieuws on this product.

2)how many searchresults does the product have

3)is there a sale on the product, are related products shown

4)most webshops rank their products on popularity (first shown is the most popular)

Then check the fora on your product on the net

1)How many members does the forum have ( compare fora in the same niche)

Check how many posts, post subjects AND the datum people posted. Only when there are recent posts you will have a good forum and a good niche.

OK guys and girls that also see the web as a genuine business opportunity: following these tips will provide you with a good foundation for your affiliate business.

I can genuinly say I have been there and done that

Good luck to you all!


Expert Author Ron E Risdon

It used to be that small Washington State distillers had only one customer and that was the state itself. To make matters worse, that one customer controlled pricing and dictated both how and when new offerings could be sold. The state's role in the liquor business was turned upside down last November (Nov 8, 2011) when Washington's Initiative 1183 effectively fired the state as a distributor and retailer of spirits, wine and beer. Many believe this step is the first domino to fall (many states with similar monopolies will experience grass roots challenges) that finally closes the book on the Prohibition era in America. When Prohibition was repealed by the 21st amendment on December 5, 1933, the states (48 at the time) adopted their own local rules governing the sale of beer, wine and spirits. Almost two-thirds adopted some form of local option which enabled residents in certain politically sensitive areas to vote for or against local prohibition. For a time, 38% of Americans lived in areas with some form of prohibition adopted and administered locally. By 1966, all states had repealed their state-wide prohibition laws, with Mississippi the last to do so. The "hangover" that remained, however, was state control of liquor sales such as Washington's arcane laws prior to I1183.

Many opponents of I1183 have predicted all manner of dire consequences but the facts are that Washington's new law will free small businesses to create new markets for their products. Many are turning to the internet where small, high quality producers of spirits and wine can introduce their products to a global market.

Washington also increased the quantity of spirits that can be produced based upon a new law that was passed in 2008 that allows distillers to produce up to 60,000 gallons per year under the category of a craft distiller. That law spawned an explosion in new licenses that began with just two licensed distillers in 2007 to nearly 40 as of this writing with several dozen more in the wings awaiting approval by the state.

Washington craft distillers can act as a wholesale distributor of their own products. What this means is that wholesale distributors, bars, hotels and other resellers can buy directly from craft distilleries. As of June 1, 2012, the state will close its hundreds of liquor stores in favor of retailers such as Costco and grocery stores of 10,000 square feet or more. On the surface this would sound like good news for craft distillers as a whole.

The problem that most craft distillers face, however, is a lack of marketing clout that will translate into orders and shelf space from large retailers. For these small craft distilleries, their appeal lies in the fact that many produce superior products, made from the finest local ingredients. They are hidden jewels awaiting discovery because most are small businesses with limited resources. On the other hand, the large, global distillers produce millions of bottles of spirits and enjoy multi-million dollar ad budgets. For the small craft distiller to compete, they need the assistance of marketers with broad reach. The internet provides such a venue. Online marketers and retailers give a voice to undiscovered but superior new products. The internet represents the ideal awareness vehicle and internet marketers provide a 21st century solution to the age old problem of growing small businesses to prominence and long term success.


Expert Author Erika O'Connor

Even though the social climate is rapidly changing in American society, allowing gays and lesbians to mix and mingle more and more freely with the straight crowd, it's still a priority to the LGBT community to be able to party, hangout, and celebrate with their 'own kind.'

And boy, do we have a lot to celebrate! The roster of LGBT -themed events worldwide is astounding. No matter what your particular interest may be, you are sure to find a gay or lesbian event to suit your taste.

Are you a cinephile, one who loves sitting in a dark movie theater, popcorn in your lap, soaking up the gorgeous images of a foreign film, or getting all the facts from the latest documentary? LGBT film festivals are happening now in hundreds of cities across the US and abroad. Crack up with the latest comedy, or hide your tears about the tragic stories of gays in other lands. Budding film-makers will have no problem finding an outlet for their creativity. The heavy hitters, like Frameline in San Francisco, and Outfest in LA, showcase hundreds of films each year. And if you find yourself in one of the fly-over states, chances are you'll find a film fest in your state as well. Get tickets early, and enjoy the show around you that happens BEFORE the show-the movie theater is terrific for people watching.

Maybe you call yourself a bear? (If you're not sure what that is, check the gay lingo guides.) Otherwise, check event listings for the latest bear jamboree. Lots of weekend get-aways have sprung up to accommodate these friendly, hairy gays, often with lots of good food and drink involved!

Ladies, the number of women's festivals and events worldwide will knock your socks off! Live music, great food, and of course dance parties are all features of these terrific lesbian-centered weekends. You might find yourself camping out in the woods of Michigan, or sipping and twirling around a splashy swimming pool in Palm Springs, but either way, Girls just wanna have fun!

Love hitting the slopes? Gay ski weekends abound, weather permitting, of course! Whistler, BC is a top destination for gay skiers, and with ski events happening as far away as New Zealand, you'll actually find powder all through the year.

Hey, maybe you're just LGBT and proud of it. We've got you covered as well, at one of the hundreds of lesbian/ gay/ bi/ transgendered pride events around the world. Big name celebrities and musical acts love to show their support for the gay community, and you'll often see parades, dance parties, and all kinds of mingling at these events.

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